Norwich Engineering Society events that have taken place since January 2009

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14 August 2019 Visit Forncett Steam Museum Bird in Hand pub at Wreningham
4 August 2019 Visit NES Flying Day Little Snoring Airfield
21 July 2019 Visit NES Summer Social Stone House Farm, Ovington
28 June 2019 Visit Church Bells for Change Ringing(Provisional) Drayton Parish Church
9 June 2019 Talk entitled Long Shop Museum Tour Long Shop Museum
6 May 2019 Talk entitled Re-arranged AGM Holiday Inn
12 April 2019 Visit Viewing the construction details of Martyn new house Martyn Newton House
18 March 2019 Talk entitled I K Brunel - Engineer (Joint with the IET) Holiday Inn
4 March 2019 Talk entitled Undergraduate Engineering at UEA Holiday Inn
18 February 2019 Talk entitled Understanding Space and Time (Joint with IET) Holiday Inn
4 February 2019 Talk entitled Passive House: theory and practice Holiday Inn
28 January 2019 Talk entitled Development of radio communications during WW1 Holiday Inn
12 January 2019 Visit Reepham Observatory Reepham Observatory
17 December 2018 Talk entitled Airline Passenger Communication to Land based systems. Holiday Inn
3 December 2018 Talk entitled How to wreck a nice beach-Computers and Speech recognition Holiday Inn
19 November 2018 Talk entitled CEFAS and what it does. (NES Charity Lecture) Holiday Inn
5 November 2018 Talk entitled Chemistry and Solar Energy Conversion Holiday Inn
22 October 2018 Talk entitled Automotive Crashworthiness Holiday Inn
8 October 2018 Talk entitled 'From Small Beginnings ...' Holiday Inn
5 August 2018 Visit Flying day Little Snoring Airfield
24 July 2018 Visit Denver Complex/Prickwillow Museum Denver Sluice and Prickwillow Museum
4 July 2018 Visit Renewable Energy Snetterton Renewable Energy(Biomass) Pla
10 June 2018 NES Summer Social Stone House Farm, Ovington, IP25 6RT
23 May 2018 Visit Visit to North Norfolk Railway Facility Weybourne
25 April 2018 Visit Crick Institute Crick Institute
26 March 2018 AGM Members talks Holiday Inn
12 March 2018 Talk entitled The History of the Jet Engine. Holiday Inn
26 February 2018 Talk entitled Managing the Denver Complex Holiday Inn
12 February 2018 Talk entitled Contemporary issues in photovoltaic performance (joint with IET). Holiday Inn
29 January 2018 Talk entitled Bio-Engineering and Synthetic Biology-What's New, What's the Same and What's Changing. Holiday Inn
15 January 2018 Talk entitled Train Tech - The technology to bring a model Railway to life. Holiday Inn
11 December 2017 Talk entitled Inca Civil Engineering Holiday Inn
4 December 2017 Talk entitled 'Green' Vehicle Technology Holiday Inn
20 November 2017 Talk entitled Computers at the Battle of Jutland (joint with IET) Holiday Inn
6 November 2017 Talk entitled Electron Microscopy and Biomedical Research (Society Charity Lecture) Holiday Inn
23 October 2017 Talk entitled The Energy Business and Politics Holiday Inn
9 October 2017 Talk entitled Interseasonal Energy Storage Holiday Inn
6 August 2017 Visit NES Flying Day Little Snoring Airfield
3 April 2017 AGM Holiday Inn
20 March 2017 Talk entitled Antartica in under 5 Watts Holiday Inn
6 March 2017 Talk entitled Engineering involved in telescope construction Holiday Inn
20 February 2017 Talk entitled Building a Knowledge Economy ... creating Innovation Norfolk. Holiday Inn
6 February 2017 Talk entitled Taking Boats Uphill-Rivers Holiday Inn
23 January 2017 Talk entitled BLOODHOUND SSC Holiday Inn
19 December 2016 Talk entitled Norwich down the drain - the sewers of Norwich Holiday Inn
5 December 2016 Talk entitled An Overview of Protection methods used on the 400 kV Grid Network (Joint with IET) Holiday Inn
21 November 2016 Talk entitled First steps in trans-Atlantic communications Holiday Inn
7 November 2016 Talk entitled British Railway Signalling (Joint with the IET) Holiday Inn
24 October 2016 Talk entitled Restoring a Catalina flying boat Holiday Inn
10 October 2016 Talk entitled Joint replacement Holiday Inn
17 July 2016 Visit Flying Day Little Snoring Airfield
6 July 2016 Visit Visit to the Enterprise Centre, UEA Enterprise Centre. UEA
21 March 2016 Talk entitled AGM Holiday Inn
7 March 2016 Talk entitled Engineering at UEA - Research Aspects Holiday Inn
22 February 2016 Talk entitled Crossrail - the tunnelling challenges Holiday Inn
8 February 2016 Talk entitled Can Computers Lip Read? Holiday Inn
25 January 2016 Talk entitled Chain Home Radar System (joint with the IET) Holiday Inn
11 January 2016 Talk entitled The North Walsham and Dilham Canal Holiday Inn
14 December 2015 Talk entitled A charity lecture - The Weather Business (Joint with the IET) Holiday Inn
2 December 2015 Visit Beattie Passive House Hethel Engineering Centre
30 November 2015 Talk entitled Apollo13 - An Eyewitness Account Holiday Inn
16 November 2015 Talk entitled Engineering - a spark in young people! Holiday Inn
9 November 2015 Visit 3d printing demonstration University of east Anglia
2 November 2015 Talk entitled The Enterprise Centre - a new building at UEA Holiday Inn
19 October 2015 Talk entitled e-Go -the fun flying machine Holiday Inn
5 October 2015 Talk entitled Ratracer - the search for eternal youth Holiday Inn
10 September 2015 Visit Hethel Engineering Centre Hethel Engineering Centre
16 August 2015 Visit Flying Day Little Snoring Airfield
14 July 2015 Visit Postwick Junction NCC Site Office - Menzies Distribution
11 May 2015 Visit to the WWII Chain Home radar site at Poringland Royal Oak, Poringland
23 March 2015 Talk entitled AGM Holiday Inn
9 March 2015 Talk entitled UK Water Industry - checking the integrity of supply. Holiday Inn
23 February 2015 Talk entitled The Trials and Tribulations of a light aircraft manufacturer Holiday Inn
9 February 2015 Talk entitled Energy Engineering at UEA Holiday Inn
26 January 2015 Talk entitled 3D printing - theory and application Holiday Inn
12 January 2015 Talk entitled MRI-the wonder machine:from blue skies to every day usage(Joint with IET) Holiday Inn
15 December 2014 Talk entitled Apprenticeship schemes at KLM Engineering Holiday Inn
1 December 2014 Talk entitled Building telescopes Holiday Inn
17 November 2014 Talk entitled Power from the waves Holiday Inn
3 November 2014 Talk entitled Will the lights stay on? Individual household electricity security from micro-generated renewable sources (PV and wind) Holiday Inn
25 October 2014 Visit Teslathon Cambridge Museum of Technology
20 October 2014 Talk entitled A Lifetime in Exports Holiday Inn
6 October 2014 Talk entitled The Development of TV in the UK before 1939 (joint with the IET) Holiday Inn
20 July 2014 Visit Flying Day Little Snoring Airfield
24 June 2014 Visit Flixton Air Museum Flixton Museum
11 June 2014 Visit Hardwick Warbirds Hardwick Airfield
1 June 2014 Visit Gunton Park Sawmill (Joint with IET and NIAS) Gunton Park
6 May 2014 Visit STANTA and its facilties STANTA , Thetford Chase
29 April 2014 Visit Lotus cars Hethel
16 April 2014 Visit New Mills Pumping Station New Mills, Norwich
24 March 2014 Talk entitled University Techical College (Norwich) Holiday Inn
10 March 2014 Talk entitled Energy Engineering at UEA (Joint Event with the IET) Holiday Inn
24 February 2014 Talk entitled Hybrid Air Vehicles Holiday Inn
10 February 2014 Talk entitled The HOOCH Project Holiday Inn
27 January 2014 Talk entitled Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm Holiday Inn
13 January 2014 Talk entitled The Science and Technology of Tea Manufacture Holiday Inn
16 December 2013 Talk entitled Parking the Sleigh: how solid is the ground in Norwich? Holiday Inn
2 December 2013 Talk entitled What you really need to know about the Internet Holiday Inn
18 November 2013 Talk entitled Case studies in finite element analysis Holiday Inn
4 November 2013 Talk entitled LEDs for Lighting Our Homes and Much More: A Case Study in Exploiting UK Research (Joint Event with IET) Holiday Inn
21 October 2013 Talk entitled The Doxford Opposed Piston (Marine) Oil Engine: working replica motion Holiday Inn
7 October 2013 Talk entitled Improving human well-being on a resource-limited planet - can we do it? (Joint Event with UEA as part of UEA50) Thomas Paine Lecture Theatre, UEA.
10 June 2013 Visit Vinyard and Tasting Winbirri Vineyard, Surlingham
30 April 2013 Visit Cheese making and bioelectricity Copys Farm, Wighton
26 April 2013 Visit Syfer Technology Syfer Technology, Old Stoke Road,Armingh
10 April 2013 Visit Archant Archant Thorpe Printing Centre.
25 March 2013 AGM followed by Members Talks Holiday Inn
11 March 2013 Talk entitled Designing and maintaining software systems in the insurance industry (IET joint lecture). Holiday Inn
25 February 2013 Talk entitled Natural Gas Production - from Well to Power Station Holiday Inn
11 February 2013 Talk entitled Crossrail - Crossing the Capital, Connecting the UK ( IMechE joint lecture) Holiday Inn
28 January 2013 Talk entitled Emergency Repairs of Airfield Runways Holiday Inn
14 January 2013 Talk entitled Proeon: our involvement in North Sea Projects (IET joint lecture) Holiday Inn
17 December 2012 Talk entitled How steam works Holiday Inn
3 December 2012 Talk entitled My life as an engineer in the Nuclear Industry Holiday Inn
19 November 2012 Talk entitled Design and Development of hybrid cars Holiday Inn
5 November 2012 Talk entitled Raising Green Monuments aka 'The Green Office' Holiday Inn
22 October 2012 Talk entitled From Instability to Chaos: A Pictorial Overview of Engineering Dynamics Holiday Inn
8 October 2012 Talk entitled Millers Tales from the Orient Holiday Inn
12 August 2012 Visit Flying Day Little Snoring Airfield
9 July 2012 Visit Anaerobic digestors+cheesemaking Copys Farm, Wighton
28 May 2012 Visit Wing Cmdr Wallis and his harem of Autogyros Reymerston Hall
1 May 2012 Visit to the Agricultural Sector of the College Easton College
24 April 2012 Visit JCB Factory JCB, Rocester Factory
2 April 2012 Talks by Members Holiday Inn
26 March 2012 Talk entitled Francis Barnett and the motor cycle - the complete story Holiday Inn
12 March 2012 Talk entitled Examples of Synergy leading to innovation in material science Holiday Inn
27 February 2012 Talk entitled The Sheringham Level Crossing Reinstatement Holiday Inn
13 February 2012 Talk entitled Extension of the Mid Norfolk Railway from Dereham to County School Holiday Inn
23 January 2012 Talk entitled Palm Paper Holiday Inn
9 January 2012 Talk entitled The Bacton Processing Plant and the world of gas Holiday Inn
12 December 2011 Talk entitled The Grand Canal - China Holiday Inn
28 November 2011 Talk entitled A ground source heat pump in practice Holiday Inn
14 November 2011 Talk entitled 21st Century Agricultural Engineering Holiday Inn
24 October 2011 Talk entitled Renewable Energy Solutions for 21st Century Holiday Inn
10 October 2011 Talk entitled Roll VTR Holiday Inn
27 September 2011 Visit Visit to Bayer Crop Science Sweat Bryer Road, Norwich
26 August 2011 Visit Forncett Steam Museum Forncett Museum
7 August 2011 Visit Flying Day Little Snoring Airfield
7 June 2011 Visit Lintott Control and Process Systems Lintott Controls
5 May 2011 Visit Anglia Water Waste Water Treatment Plant Whitlingham Water works
4 April 2011 Talk entitled The radiator project and other matters Panhard Holiday Inn
21 March 2011 Talk entitled Enigma - now and then Holiday Inn
7 March 2011 Talk entitled The Preservation Railways of North Wales Holiday Inn
21 February 2011 Talk entitled Marine Civil Engineering Holiday Inn
7 February 2011 Talk entitled Genetic Engineering - the Basics Holiday Inn
24 January 2011 Talk entitled Light fantastic - the history and Development of Lasers Holiday Inn
10 January 2011 Talk entitled The History of Computing Holiday Inn
13 December 2010 Talk entitled An Engineers reflections on a year in China. Holiday Inn
29 November 2010 Talk entitled Manoeuvring Performance of Ships Holiday Inn
8 November 2010 Talk entitled Sight and colour Holiday Inn
18 October 2010 Talk entitled Earthquake Engineering Holiday Inn
11 October 2010 Talk entitled The position of tidal power in the energy debate Holiday Inn
21 September 2010 Visit EAME 10 at Hethel Hethel Engineering Centre
7 July 2010 Visit Engineering Facilities Of Anglian Water at their Colney and Little Melton Plants Colney Plant
16 June 2010 Visit Weybourne Engineering Facilities of the North Norfolk Railway Weybourne
9 June 2010 Visit Flying Evening Little Snoring Airfield
28 April 2010 Visit Packaging Plant and Materials Smurfit Plant, Salhouse Road
5 April 2010 Talk entitled Urban Modelling Holiday Inn
22 March 2010 Talk entitled Waste Handling - a Recycling Plant claiming 100% efficiency Holiday Inn
8 March 2010 Talk entitled Trends in Modern Car Design - the Lotus Evora Holiday Inn
22 February 2010 Talk entitled Engineering Medicines Holiday Inn
8 February 2010 Talk entitled Surgeons, Computors and Robots Holiday Inn
25 January 2010 Talk entitled Performance and prospects for offshore windpower Holiday Inn
11 January 2010 Talk entitled Combined Heat and Power Holiday Inn
14 December 2009 Talk entitled Cottage Engineering - a Christmas event Holiday Inn
23 November 2009 Talk entitled WWI - Advances in Technology Holiday Inn
9 November 2009 Talk entitled Nanotechnology in pharmacy Holiday Inn
26 October 2009 Talk entitled Dead River Restoration Holiday Inn
12 October 2009 Talk entitled Wings: How they really work Holiday Inn
29 September 2009 Visit Snellings Museums, Radar Museum Snellings and RAF Neatishead
22 September 2009 Visit EAME-09 Hethel Engineering Centre
13 September 2009 Visit John Innes Open Day John Innes
8 July 2009 Visit Visit to Coopers Bearings Ltd Coopers Bearings, Kings Lynn
24 June 2009 Visit Members Flying Evening Little Snoring Airfield
9 May 2009 Visit Marshalls of Cambridge Marshalls Airfield, Cambridge
22 April 2009 Visit Wing Cmdr Wallis Flies again Reymerston
23 March 2009 Talk entitled Medical Applications of the Electron Microscope Holiday Inn
9 March 2009 Talk entitled Nanotechnology - a broad approach Holiday Inn
23 February 2009 Talk entitled Jacked Box Tunnelling Holiday Inn
9 February 2009 Talk entitled Will my boomerang come back? Holiday Inn
26 January 2009 Talk entitled The work of the Rail Accident Board Holiday Inn
12 January 2009 Talk entitled Biofuels in East Anglia Holiday Inn
25 October 2008 Visit Sizewell B Training Centre Sizewell Training Centre