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COMPENDIUM OF ONLINE SITES with an engineering connection
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Online 'tools'
A very useful 'calculator' via Tony Meacock.

Engineering Bodies
Royal Institution of Engineers Magazine
Royal Academy of Engineering Homepage

Online videos
On the move - courtesy Science Museum via Tony Meacock.
Buster Keaton at his best! - 'Home without a mother' via Tony Meacock.
Apollo Flight director - Gene Kranz
Why the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed.
An unusual cure for a loss of microwave signal strength via Tony Meacock.
Mercedes-aa-class via Tony Meacock.
Double pendulum and chaos! via Tony Meacock.
Stephen Temple "At Home at Copys Farm" via Stephen Temple

A few videos connected with bicycles
Alternative Back Wheel! via Donard DeCogan
Cyclist free bikes! via Tony Meacock.
Rack and pinion monocycle!

A few videos connected with aerodynamics
Basic phenomenon-
a) Coanda effect
Coanda Effect Drone Propulsion - interesting case study

b) Principles of Flight
Short video of air flowing over a wing by Prof Babinsky
How planes fly.

Flight Curiosities
a) Boomerangs
Logan Broadbent - champion boomerang thrower.
Boomerang Flight Dynamics - more in depth discussion

b) Paper Airplanes
How This Guy Folds and Flies World Record Paper Airplanes

Starting up a jet engine.

Museum Homepages
Nigel Ratcliff recommends the "Shuttleworth Collection" as worth a click.
Online 'engineering retro museum'via Tim Birt.
"Virtual tour of the National Computing Museum"via Richard Aldridge.
"Science Museum London"via Richard Aldridge.

Online Articles
Richard Aldridge recommends Donard's online book
Donard's splendid book about the 'Weather'.