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22 / 04 / 2018

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Welcome to NES 2018 - 2019

We are a forum where we exchange ideas and experiences for anyone, be they engineers or not, having an interest in engineering. We aim to promote widespread discussion and debate through a programme of talks and visits related to advances and achievements in engineering in the world today.

If you are at all interested in Engineering, then the Norwich Engineering Society is for you!

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Our Events Programme . . .

Most of our events from October to April are talk based spanning a wide range of engineering interests. The talks, roughly two a month, are normally held at the Holiday Inn on the Ipswich Road, Norwich. In the summer events are usually visit based; mostly to local companies or facilities of interest to members.
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These are also shown on youtube here

News :-
Annual General Meeting 2018
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NES visit to Hadiscoe Bridge in 1928
Read more
Rotary 2018 Schools Technology Tournament
Read more
Visit to Crick Institute, London
Read more
Visit to North Norfolk Railway
Read more
Snetterton Biomass Plant
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NES Summer Social
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Visit to Denver Sluice and Prickwillow Museum
Read more

Past Event Reports :-
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Talk pdfs available
Pdfs of many of our talks are available on the 'Past Presentations' page of the Member's Pages. To view it please log in to your 'Members Page'. If you are a NES member but are not registered for Member Pages access please consult your blue handbook on how to register. If you aren't a Member here is a good reason to join us!!
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Keeping you informed!

Over time our membership database gets out of date. This is particularly true of email addresses! To ensure that important messages, such as visit details, get through to you please keep us informed of any contact changes.
Changes can easily be made by entering the members pages and altering the section that holds your personal details. login to members pages here

Next NES Event :-
25 April 2018
Visit"Crick Institute"
at 14.00 at the Crick Institute
by Dr Lucy Collinson,Crick Institute
Of possible interest to Members
Online Sites.
A very useful 'calculator' via Tony Meacock.
Online 'engineering retro museum' via Tim Birt.
link to the 'vimeo plane resurrection' site.

Royal Instition of Engineers
Online Magazine
RIE Homepage

Videos of interest
A video that Tony Meacock thought might interest you! Science Museum's video 'On the move'
Apollo 13 Flight director - Gene Kranz
Thanks to Member Julian Gillett in supplying the link

12-25 March 2018
Cambridge Science Festival
What is happening and Details

2017-2018 Subscriptions are now over-due!!
The Society would like to remind those Members who have not yet paid their Membership Fee for the year that the clock is ticking. Technically Membership lapses if you have not renewed by Jan 31 so please help the Society finances by getting your subscription to the Treasurer ASAP.
Many Thanks! The Treasurer

Websites of interest
Hethel Engineering Centre - an engineering innovation centre.

Beattie Passiv - a Hethel Centre based company involved in low energy loss building design and construction methods

Nexus Engineering - an engineering training and development organisation.

Norfolk Amateur Radio Club

Neighbouring Engineering Societies
For event details click on the appropriate society name.
Chelmsford Engineering Society
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