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Welcome to NES 2019 - 2020

Vital help needed!!

Hethel Innovation urgently needs help with several projects connected with the current covid 19 crisis.

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If you can help directly or you know someone that you think can please contact

NES Council is aware that these are not normal times. It sincerely hopes that all Members are managing!

Under these trying times if a Member feels the need for advice or just to talk to someone please don't hesitate in contacting a Council Member for a chat. If they can't help we are sure that they might well be able to suggest someone who can.

Clearly under these circumstances the Society can't operate in its normal manner. However Council would like to remind Members that the Society has a resource that might be useful in passing time i.e. pdf's of many of the past talks and some of the visits. This data bank has been recently updated. To access them you only have login and then move to the appropriate tab on your homepage.

In the next day or two the Society will be creating a new public page with a variety of engineering related videos, youtubes, links etc. The Society would like to encourage you to suggest additional links to be entered onto the page.

Your Council is of the view that Covid 19 is not going to go away quickly and, therefore, it needs to look at alternative modes of operation. We have already trialled a multi-participant video conferencing tool to hold Council Meetings. The trial was sufficiently successful for Council to decide to run our next meeting (early May) using this tool. Our President has drawn Council's attention to a recent successful trial by the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club of an online talk presentation. Council is endeavouring to see if we can set up a similar technology availability for use in the early part of 2020-2021 season if the need arises. We will keep you posted!!

The Society
We are a forum where we exchange ideas and experiences for anyone, be they engineers or not, having an interest in engineering. We aim to promote widespread discussion and debate through a programme of talks and visits related to advances and achievements in engineering in the world today.
If you are at all interested in Engineering, then the Norwich Engineering Society is for you!

Our Events Programme
Most of our events from October to April are talk based spanning a wide range of engineering interests. The talks, roughly two a month, are normally held at the Holiday Inn on the Ipswich Road, Norwich. In the summer events are usually visit based; mostly to local companies or facilities of interest to Members.

News :-

Our most recent talk was concerned with recent developments in the understanding of modern methods farming. Dr Stephen Temple gave a fascinating insight into how farmers are trying to work with microbial populations than against them. The benefits of this approach to the production of foodstuffs and the reduction in farming's contribution to global warming appear to be significant.

Annual General Meeting 2019
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Rotary 2020 Schools Technology Tournament
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Sugar Production at Cantley
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pdfs of recent talks.
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Long Shop Museum Visit Report
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Meetings and covid-19
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Past Event Reports :-
Access report listing

Talk pdfs available
Pdfs of many of our talks are available on the 'Past Presentations' page of the Member's Pages. To view it please log in to your 'Members Page'. If you are a NES member but are not registered for Member Pages access please consult your blue handbook on how to register. If you aren't a Member here is a good reason to join us!!

Next NES Event :-
30 March 2020
Talk entitled"AGM POSTPONED"
at 19.30 at the Holiday Inn
by NES Members,NES

Of possible interest to Members
Online Sites.
A very useful 'calculator' via Tony Meacock.
Online 'engineering retro museum' via Tim Birt.

Engineering Bodies
Online Magazine
Royal Academy of Engineering Homepage

Videos of interest
A video that Tony Meacock thought might interest you!

Websites of interest
Hethel Engineering Centre - an engineering innovation centre.

Forncett Industrial Steam Museum - an engineering innovation centre.

Beattie Passiv - a Hethel Centre based company involved in low energy loss building design and construction methods

Norfolk Amateur Radio Club

More Useful websites

Neighbouring Engineering Societies
For event details click on the appropriate society name.
Chelmsford Engineering Society
Colchester Engineering Society
Ipswich Engineering Society

Professional Body Events
For local event details click the appropriate body name.

Institution of Civil Engineers
Institution of Engineering and Technology
Institution of Mechanical Engineers
British Computer Society

Keeping you informed!

Over time the Membership database gets out of date. This is particularly true with email addresses! To get important messages, such as visits. through to Members it is vital that the necessary contact derails are correct!
Changes can easily be made by through a Member's Home Page!!

General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR)
The good running of our Society is dependent on complying with this new legislation. NES Council has therefore decided to issue a policy document with this topic as its focus. To read the document activate the following link

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