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12 April 2019
Visit "Viewing the construction details of Martyn\'s new house"
14.00 at the Martyn Newton's House

by Martyn Newton, NES Member

Summary: Please click on the following link for details of how to find Martyn's property.

Martin Map

If the link fails to work then the postcode for Martyn's property is NR34 8JY

6 May 2019
Talk entitled "Re-arranged AGM"
19.30 at the Holiday Inn

by Tim Birt, President 2018-2019

Summary: This is a rearranged date for the business of our AGM. An important item on the Agenda is a proposal by Council to update the Constitution and Rules of Governance of the Society to align them to current legislation. Copies of NES Council's proposals will be published shortly on the public pages of our website.

9 June 2019
Talk entitled "Long Shop Museum Tour"
11.00 at the Long Shop Museum

by Museum Staff,

Summary: Museum trip details.

21 July 2019
Visit "NES Summer Social"
15.00 at the Stone House Farm, Ovington

by NES President,

Summary: Social Invitation

7 October 2019
Talk entitled "Geosynthetics, buried structures reinforcing our world"
19.30 at the Holiday Inn

by Blair Rawes, NES Member

Summary: This talk looks at how geosynthetics materials create reinforced soil structures that underpin roads, airstrips, walls and abutments. An insight to the design, manufacture and use of these relatively new materials and how rapidly they have become a default in many areas of Civil Engineering construction.

21 October 2019
Talk entitled "(Provisional) Communication Protocols"
19.30 at the Holiday Inn

by Professor Gerard Parr, School of Computing Sciences, UEA

Summary: Coming soon

4 November 2019
Talk entitled "TBA"
19.30 at the Holiday Inn

by TBA, not available

Summary: not available

18 November 2019
Talk entitled "(Provisional) The fastest electric estate in the West"
19.30 at the Holiday Inn

by Dorian Hindmarsh, Hethel Engineering Centrel

Summary: coming soon

2 December 2019
Talk entitled "Acceptable in the 80's (Joint with IET)"
19.30 at the Holiday Inn

by James Hill and Simon Hobbs, Electrical Testing Ltd

Summary: This lecture comparison a 25 year old BMW with a 25 year old lighting column – the idea being to bring to the attention of those responsible for lighting assets that they cannot commit to the installation of LED luminaires - which is in full swing across the UK - without considering the current column conditions, which are deteriorating at an increased rate.

The lecture is thought provoking and uses visual examples of specific column failures, bad practice and poor budget management – all of this painting a picture that in 10 to 15 years we have a realistic potential for significant column failures across the country. Electrical Testing Ltd annually test approximately 180,000 assets and inspect 500,000 assets across the UK. Based on a 6 year testing/inspection cycle they attend around 40% of the United Kingdom’s lighting columns, making them the largest test house in operation.

16 December 2019
Talk entitled "(Provisional) Raptor Aerospace – Norfolk based rocket manufacturer and launch service provider."
19.30 at the Holiday Inn

by Ben Jarvis, Raptor Aerospace

Summary: Ben Jarvis has been involved in aerospace since the 90s initially in the amateur space race and more recently in moving Raptor Aerospace to the Scottow (Coltishall) site where Raptor manufactures a range of small sounding rockets and is developing Nox based hybrid rocket engines.

Raptor Aerospace offer flight testing of subsystems for larger aerospace customers with a proven range of vehicles with flight envelopes of 1.5km to 18km heights and speeds of 300 to 2200mph. They are also capable of testing tracking and recovery systems over both land and water.

27 January 2020
Talk entitled "Quantifying Engineering Risk; how it all goes wrong!"
19.30 at the Holiday Inn

by Keith Miller, NES Member, IMechE Safety and Risk Working Group

Summary: Risk prediction is popular in the engineering community, but is not science and cannot be verified, so how accurate is it and what are the pitfalls?

We can learn much from history and some terrible miscarriages of justice, but ultimately it may be simply understanding what constitutes robust statistics and what may be nothing better than astrology. And we don’t need a degree in maths to understand how wrong we can be!

3 February 2020
Talk entitled "(Provisional)Global Warming and its implication for engineering Design"
19.30 at the Holiday Inn

by Alex Honey, Enhabit

Summary: Coming shortly. Watch this space.

17 February 2020
Talk entitled "TBA"
19.30 at the Holiday Inn

by TBA, not available

Summary: not available

2 March 2020
Talk entitled "TBA"
19.30 at the Holiday Inn

by TBA, not available

Summary: not available

16 March 2020
Talk entitled "TBA"
19.30 at the Holiday Inn

by TBA, not available


30 March 2020
Talk entitled "AGM followed by Members talks"
19.30 at the Holiday Inn

by NES Members, NES

Summary: NES Members speaking not yet available.